Dermal Fillers

Reduce deeper lines

Facial fillers are a natural gel which we can use to reduce deeper lines or plump out scars.

Enhance facial features

We can also use facial fillers to enhance and contour facial features such as cheekbones or lips.

Dermal Filler Product

We only use the best quality filler products. Lasting 9-12 months and with an excellent safety record. It is a Hyaluronic Acid (HA) filler, HA occurs naturally in connective tissue right throughout the body, which is why clients do not need allergy testing prior to the treatment and also explains its fantastic safety record. If required, dermal fillers can be completely reversed using hyalase.

Treatment Areas
  • Deeper facial lines

  • Nose to mouth grooves

  • Sunken cheeks

  • Lipstick/smoker's lines

  • Lips

  • Scars

  • Acne scars

  • Tear trough

  • Nose reshaping

  • Jawline and chin

  • Temples

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Prices from £150

Treatment Time
30 mins
Time Taken to Work
Immediately visible but swelling remains for 1-3 days
Back to Work
Up to 24 hours
1 hour

1 hour

Duration of Results
6-9 months
Bruising, swelling, redness
Allery (very rare)
Can be reversed if necessary
Full Recovery
24 Hours


First, a full consultation and ‘before’ photos are taken.

We then administer numbing cream to the area. As dentists, our doctors can completely numb the area with a dental block, making the procedure completely pain free.

Then the area is treated with the dermal filler until you are happy with the appearance. It is important for the clinician to manipulate and smooth all the filler gel so that there are no lumps and bumps. The area will be red and swollen for 1-2 days and there may be some bruising, which can be reduced with the use of Arnica.

After a week the filler gel will be completely set and smooth and the effect can be fully appreciated.