Obagi Prescription Skincare

Free Consultation

Obaji TCA Chemical Peel -  £90 - £400

Treatments - POC

Complementing your other treatments

Our doctors are experts in skincare and recommending which medical grade skincare products work best alongside other injectable and anti-ageing treatments available.

Enhance duration of aesthetics treatments

We have chosen Obagi as our key skincare brand to enhance the duration of your non-surgical aesthetic treatments. Obagi is well respected by dermatologists and plastic surgeons.

Tailored recommendations

We will carry out a full skin analysis to provide the very best skincare products to suit your needs and treatments with us. 

Treatment Time
30 mins
Time Taken to Work
1-2 months
Back to Work
Not required
Retinol: 1-2weeks

1 hour

Duration of Results
Retinol: initially skin may be red/sore
Full Recovery
24 Hours