A visit to the Dentist for Botox and Fillers?

As a Botox user, who usually does your treatment? A beautician or a dermatologist? Or perhaps even worse, none of these! Look out, you might have been treated by an unlicensed person.

Dr Bob Khanna who runs the leading cosmetic training body for dentists, said dentists' training in anatomy, and sterile good-practice made them preferable to "backstreet beauty salons" for this sort of procedure.

Have you ever considered that perhaps your dentist might be best equipped to give you your next Botox or anti-wrinkle treatment?

This is why a dentist is a natural choice to carry out your facial aesthetics:

Dentists are facial professionals

Your dentist is a medical professional specially trained in the oral and maxillofacial areas (the face - from chin to forehead), better trained than just about any other healthcare professional who is now allowed to deliver Botox (anti-wrinkle injections) and dermal fillers to patients.

In reality, dentists are the primary health care practitioners who should be delivering these procedures to patients. Dentists are trained to provide holistic diagnosis and advice to their patients regarding anything to do with the face. After all your smile is a big part of your face.

Of course, training is absolutely necessary for dentists to administer injections, however the learning curve is very short, because dentists are already fully trained and qualified to administer anaesthesia in the orofacial region, which should help patients understand they are in safe hands.

Dentists are trained to manage and balance your full facial aesthetics, giving you holistic beauty and medical advice to achieve your goals

Dentists are uniquely suited for providing Botox treatment and other facial aesthetics. Understanding and studying the facial anatomy gives them a unique advantage in assessing the balance and overall aesthetics of the face.

Also, the wealth of experience they gain by conducting intricate procedures makes them the perfect service provider for your facial aesthetic needs.

Dentists no longer simply drill teeth and treat gums, dentistry itself has evolved so much from these services with all the cosmetic dentistry available today. Visit our parent company Findon Dental Care to find out more about cosmetic dentistry. With proper training and experience, dentists can achieve great results to suit your goals for your whole face, not just your smile.

Complications might happen if left to untrained people, however much experience they have.

Botox is not necessarily a complex operation, but it can have potential complications if not done properly. You are putting yourself at risk each time you approach someone without the adequate knowledge to administer Botox. Especially if you’re undergoing treatment with a non-licensed professional.

A dentist, as mentioned above, understands and is equipped to monitor both the aesthetic and medical aspects of the treatment, and that should give you total peace of mind that you are in safe hands.

A dental clinic can provide a complete service for your facial aesthetic needs

Your dental clinic is so much more than just a place to treat gums and teeth. It is also a place of education, for medicine and habits. It is a place for beauty enhancement, which your dentist can and should provide.

It is no use having the teeth of a 35 year old if you have wrinkles around your mouth - you will still have the face of a 50 year old!

We believe in looking at the face as a whole, including your smile and recommending the best course of treatment to achieve your goal whether this is anti-wrinkle injections, implants, teeth whitening or a combination of treatments.

And for those who like to keep their facial work private or secret from your spouse or partner, your bills will be labelled as dental!

At Findon Facial Care, (part of Findon Dental Care) all of our practitioners are fully qualified dentists who have undertaken additional training and secured qualifications in facial aesthetics.

We offer a range of treatments and are happy to discuss which would be the right course of treatment to achieve your goals. To book a free consultation please contact us.