PRP Facial

Skin resurfacing

PRP - "Platelet-Rich Plasma" is derived from our blood. In PRP therapy a small amount of your blood is taken, and the plasma and platelets are separated from the red and white blood cells. This substance is then injected back into your skin by our doctor to trigger collagen growth and new skin cells. PRP treatment is an increasingly popular non-surgical option for those who desire facial rejuvenation.

Natural and non-invasive

This non-surgical procedure uses cells from your own body which means there is less chance of adverse reactions. PRP techniques have been used medically for some time now.

Boost collagen production

PRP is known to boost collagen production, successfully treating fine lines and wrinkles, circles under the eyes and loss of skin elasticity. 

Lasts 12 months to 2 years

PRP isn't an instant treatment, it takes 3-6 weeks to stimulate collagen growth, however steady improvement in skin tone and elasticity will continue to be observed for around six months.

Limited side-effects

PRP uses your own blood so there is no risk of allergic reactions or irritation. You may experience mild bruising or swelling after the procedure. A numbing cream is used prior to the treatment for your comfort.

One Course - £500

Three Courses - £1200

(When booked and paid for as a full course)

Treatment Time
1-2 hours
Time Taken to Work
3 treatments, 1 month apart
Back to Work
24 hours
Numbing cream
12 hours

1 hour

Duration of Results
6-12 months
Slight skin redness for 24 hours
Full Recovery
24 Hours
The process

Blood is taken from the arm and centrifuged to separate the pure plasma cells. 

This plasma is injected into the skin over the entire face, neck, décolleté and hands through thin needles. Giving the effect of a non-surgical facelift.


The treatment takes 1-2 hours and 3 appointments are required 1 month apart.